About [TIMEOUT] and [LEFT]
in my opinion the mentions [TIMEOUT] and [LEFT] now removed had their interest
it was possible to know that the player was quitting unintentionally due to a sudden problem (either with samp.exe or a disconnection)
generally he was a likely return player
now if he is absent, we do not see him immediately and we no longer know why he left

In game, I have several times written to a player, or answered him without realizing that he was gone

as Theman explained to me, if these announcements have been removed to avoid a group effect on exiting, a player leaving the game and almost everyone else following (a bit like the story of a sheep which throws itself into a precipice and the others follow)
We can consider that it will be the same when a player announcing his departure by "CYA" "Bye" or others personally it is not that which makes me leave the game

I preferred when these two mentions were present it was a better idea than to remove them
Edit: I haven't noticed any difference since these mentions were removed when the players decided to leave, it's the same as before
The average player count has slightly increased since this change was made, so it may have had some effect on the intended goal (to prevent chain quits) or it may not have.

If people are mostly iin favour of returning it, I will do that. Alternatively it could be done so players only see them after X time online (or X any stat), but new players won't see it to try preventing them from quitting still.
Yeah, I agree with Joe59. I still find people chain-leaving as before, as people still notice when there are fewer players. It's still the same to me at least + it was nice to see yeah, an explanation. like with [timeout].
muri muri muri~
+1 for bringing those notifications back. As Joe mentioned, people do announce their leaving with "Cya" or similar words, which kinda defeats the purpose of notification removal anyways.
From the next update, the leave messages are only showed if you enable the setting on /settings, which is set to off by default. This allows it to have the same basic intention, but you can also enable them again if you want.

This should be on server within a few hours of this post.
excellent idea

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