Complaint about That_Skywalker_Abood for Behavior
Your (server) name: Dead_LIFE
Person complaining about: That_Skywalker_Abood
Type of Complaint: Behaviour
Witnesses: Swindler, _Gumball,Arno94 ( there are a lot of them)
Admin previously spoken to (if any): Dave_Shepard, Arno94 (possibly Overburn)
Complaint: His behavior in the chat begins to annoy, because of one typo in the message it turned into a countless flood and an attempt to poke me with this, deliberately sending it to chat, in private messages, urging other players to do this, already looks like some kind of cult. constant attempts to offend me in this or other way in the form of deliberately reducing card re-counting and other things, encouraging other players to do the same in order to piss me off how it all started
"Death and pain are just a small price to pay for the enjoyment of battle!"
Hello Dead_Life,

all of these are adequate proofs and can confirm that both Deathrow and Abood were asked politely to stop by both Dave and me (one of the mentioned was even on Discord). Given the multiple warnings, the player will be banned, thank you for your report Smile

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