Here's to 2021!
As is traditional, a post to reflect upon the year in Sumo.

This year there were 575 revisions in total, or about 1.57 revisions per day, for the year before 01/01/19 to 01/01/20 there were 430. In age, it gets more updates still!
All of the revisions were done by RDL, except RoosterKing did 27, until they broke their SVN copy and didn't fix it since August when their last revision was.
On 01/01/2020, a fully compiled Sumo, all maps and its source files for everything were 289MB across 915 files and 10 folders. Today it is 426MB across 1,143 files & 8 folders, mostly due to added debug data for quicker problem solving and lots of fantastic new maps by several players.
On 1st January, 2020, the main 'core' of Sumo was 15,082 lines. Now it is currently 16,546 lines.

Whoever you are, and for however long you played in 2020. Thank you to all of you, you are what makes Sumo worth doing, and I no-homo love you all. Here's toa another year of Sumo, and I'll try and get Standalone actually frickin' done this year!

Also of course, thanks to the main man, the legend, the provider of harsh facts and raw truths. The discord hero, rdlBOT2.

A post will be made in the near future detailing lots of changes since the last time I posted about updates on the forum, as there's lots of new stuff including being able to save 2 cars instead of just 1.

and now I shall end with, once again, thank you to everyone!

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