Recent Updates (Oct-Feb 2020-2021)
Been so long since i did one, I kinda hoped every one would move to discord, but seemingly some people still aren't aware of new changes. Don't forget, new changes are posted near realtime on Discord, at

So here are the changes since the last of these threads
  • fucking everything
  • You can now have up to 2 vehicles saved instead of 1, if you are premium. The relevant commands let you specify a slot (/savecar 2), do not specify the slow (/savecar) and you'll be presented with a dialog asking which to use. Dialog only shows if you have access to slot 2 to begin with.
  • You can now do open invite duels, aimed at no specific player. Use -1 in the command, like /duel -1. Not yet extended to /rduel
  • Various strings have been updated that stops referring to using /dip to get more cheats (fix & flips), as that was moved to /bonus
  • The max amount of points you can have to spend on luckydip & similar has changed, it's now 200 for premiums, or 30 for non-premiums.
  • A new /mission was added, kill leading player.
  • The string at the bottom of the screen will now countdown when someone is close to winning, to encourage people to smash their shit inwards.
  • Various changes to maps, including some changes to which maps play in retro mode and do not do.
  • Plenty of new maps, over 30 since last of these threads, mostly by Klarina, CML & KREYZEE, with a few also by Dead_LIFE, Overburn & Redirect Left (omg that's me!). Klarina has also updated Uno like 20 times.
  • Toned up the amount of votes needed for votekicks & changemap on free premium days, as it was way too easy to trigger succesful votes when everyone was getting +2 votes.
  • The website was updated from PHP5 to PHP7, only like 5 years after it was released.
  • Server is aware of & tracks how people got premium, and knows if it was free or paid, this enables and disables certain features, so that paid premiums get more. People who won their premium from Seasongs Beatings II tournament are marked as paid so get the full benefit.
  • Because we love Dead_LIFE, you can now use /nextcard instead of /nextmap. (no seriously, this one is not a joke, you can, try it)
  • rdlBOT2 can now be used to get !nextmaps on Discord
  • The message about not abusing ramps to block other players is now much more frequent, as certain players were taking the piss.
  • Some basic work has been done in the background so Sumo could be extended to a max of 50 players instead of 35 on server at a time.
  • New achievemnt: Mixed Emotions - At round end, have both most kills & most deaths.
  • Map Generator has been updated and gives easier access to editing the 'hidden' / 'game breaking if you mess it up settings' to facilitate easier making of more comple maps
  • You can now extend a map 3 times in a row, instead of just once.
  • You can no longer kill steal on drive by based maps.
  • Helicopters & airplanes have been blanket banned from /savecar, so you can't get a seasparrow on Air Pressure and save it, and other similar circumstances.
  • For admins, /setsetting is no longer caps sensitive, and also lots of extra newer settings are editable now.

There are probably lots of smaller things I forgot to note here, but once again, Discord has all the juicy details, and what's more. You can talk to me! Also other admins and players, I guess.

Hopefully I remember to do another of these threads without such a huge gap next time.

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