Sumo Serv: Stats & Password pages Sumo Serv: Stats & Password pages
Map Name Internal (File) Name Plays normally Plays on retro days Extra Code/High Quality
! !
Above the Clouds clouds
Aero 69 aero69
Air Pressure apres
Airport aport
Airport Derby aderby
Airtight Madness airmad
Airways aways
Area 51 a51
Area 51 Tribute a51t
Assault assault
A Simple Map 3 simplmap3
A Simple Map 4 simplmap4
A Simple Map 5 simplmap5
A Simple Map 6 simplmap6
A Simple Map 7 simplmap7
Atom City: Call of Pripyat atomccop
Atom Radar: Steel Woodpecker aradar
Atom River ariver
Atom Village: Red Forest atomv
Atom Estate: Ghost Town aestate
Atown atown
AdrenalineX axr
Apocalypshit 2 apocalypshit2
Apocalypshit 3 apocalypshit3
Ass Downhill ass
Aztec aztec
Bangin' The Bridge bangbridge
Ballin' Ballin
Ballin' Original Ballin_old
Be Happy bhappy
Beach Party bparty
Beach Speedway bspeed
Believe In You believeinyou
Beyblade beyblade
Birthday Apple Pi birthday
Bloodring bloodring
Brooklyn Zoo brookzoo
Bomberman bomberman
Bob Marley bob
Bosso bosso
Buoy Voyage bvoy
Bridge Creator bcreator
Broken Race brace
Cage cage
Can't Map cantmap
Car Factory carfactory
Camper Crush ccrush
Canal Train ctrain
Canyon Pass ranch
Canyon Pass 2 pass2
Canyon Pass 3 canyon3
Centre centre
Chess chess
Chinatown chinatown
Claude Speed cseed
Closed Way cway
Closed Way 2 cway2
Crappy Circle crappy
Crossover crossover
Chernobyl Chernobyl
Chicano Funk chicano
Church of Madness chmad
Circle4x4 circle4x4
Clickbait bait
Color Dash cdash
Color Dash 2 cdash2
Construction Site csite
Crash Vol1 crashv1
CrazySpots cspots
Cross The Bridge ctb
Culture Sumo culture
Cyberpunk 2077 2077
Damn The Bridge DtB
Damn The Bridge 2 dtb2
Danger Zone dz
Danger Zone 2 dz2
Derby Bowl dbowl#
Deadly Cubism cubism
Deepwater Horizon dwh
Desert Adventure dadventure
Desert Storm dstorm
Dead Island disland
Descent Roads descent
Desert Village desvil
Disco Inferno disco
District district
Dogfight Dogfight
Domination domination
Downtown downtown
Downtown 2 trackmania2
Dollartime dollar
Do You Like Balls? balls
Drunken Pilot dpilot
Dumpers Cave cave
Dumping Ground dmpgrnd
Dunes World dunes
Dust dust
Dust2 dust2
Earthtree tree
Execution exec
ExciteBike ebike
E-Bash ebash
E-Bash 2 ebash2
E-Bash 3 ebash3
E-Bash 4 ebash4
El Royale elroyale
Evasion Action eaction
The Expo expo
Facility fac
Fallen Off? fallenoff
Fallout fallout
Fallout: New Venturas fnv
Farm farm
Farm Sumo fsumo2
Fast & Furious 1 f&f
Fierros Coast fcoast
Fireworks On Display 1 FoD
Final Destination fdestination
Five Cores FiveCores
Five Driving 5d
Floater floater
Floater 2 floater2
Flood Road floodr
Flood Road 2 floodr2
Frozen Lake flake
Funnation funnation
Future City fcity
fy_snow fy_snow
The Resort resort
Gas Mania gas
Grid dl_grid
Grove Kings gkins
Go Green gog
Gorillaz gorillaz
GooDie godie
Gonna Kreyzee gkreyzee
Gorillaz 19-2000 g192k
Got Luck? GotLucky
GoTo goto
Gorillaz 19-2000 g192k
Graveyard gyard
GreenGrass green
Green TD gtd
Gunzel Gunzel
Harbor Rail harborrail
Hazing hazing
Herp-a-derp herpes
High Level 2 level2
Highway Tune highway
Hill Valley hv
Hip-Hop hiphop
Hotch Potch 3 hotch3
Hotel Hell hhell
Hospital Rush hosrush
Hospital Rush 3 hosrush3
Highway To Hell hw2h
I Messed Up imu
Inception inc1
Industrial Chaos indchaos
Inferno inferno
Inferno 2 inferno2
Inferno 3 inferno3
Infernus & Tubes inftubes
Infernus Inferno infernus
In Bruges bruges
Isle of Eroda isle
Invading the Brewery invbrew
Invading The Military sfmil
Invading The Military sfmil2
Invading The Military 3 sfmil3
Invisible invisible
It Was A Good Day iwagd
Johnnys Rampage revenge
Juicy juicy
Jump Around ja
Jumping Jack jack
Jump On It jui
Jupiter Island jupis
Just4Fun j4f
JustFun jf
K-Map kmap
Kaufman Cabs kc
King of the Castle king
King of Flags king
Kreyzee Funk thugw
Kreyzee Roadways krways
Kreyzee Skiing skiing
Layers layers
The Floor Is Lava lava
Laranation larasucks
LittleRunway lilrun
Los Santos Capers LosSantosCapers
Lost City: Campers Paradise lccp
Low Water LW
LS Sumo Ring lssr
Street Wars lszip
Lust for Prizes lust
Lucky Ramps lramps
LV Strip lvstrip
Mad City madc
Mall Run mall
Mammoth mammoth
Messed Up Roofs messedroofs
Michael's Bay mbay
Midnight Town midtown
Missionary Hill mhill
Monopoly monopoly
Monster Sumo monsumo2
Mothership mship
Minimal Dancing Maximal Party mdmp
Nature Path npath
Nature Walk nature
Naval Battle nbattle
Never Given ng
Neon Derby neonderby
New City 2 nc2
Nice Drive nd
Night Life nlife
Not a Roadway NaR
No Where To Run 1 nowheretorun
No Where To Run 3 nowhere3run
No Where To Run 4 nowhere4run
Oasis Motel Oasis2
Oil Field Capers OilFieldCapers
On Roofs roofs
On The Edge ote
Open Access openacc
Overburn ob
Overkill ok
Owl Rings Owls
Owl Rings 2 owls2
Pandemic p_atlantis
Parking pking
ParKING 1 parking
Pirate Bay piratebay
Platforms platforms
Platforms 2 platforms2
PRLM001 prlm
PRLM002 prlm2
PRLM003 prlm3
Port SF portsf
Port Way pw
Pier Fun pierfun
Pier Pressure ppres
Protect Ya Neck Protecnec
Psychedel1c psych
Quarry quarry
Railroad rr
Rats 2137 r2137
Random Map random
Repair Mania repmania
Retro Warp rwarp
Ricochet ricochet
Ride or Die? RoD
Rikiden rikiden
R.I.P Destruction Derby ripdd
RINGMANIA ringmania
Rings Cake rcake
Road59 r59
Roadways 1 roads
Roadways 4 rways4
Roadways 5 rways5
Roadways 7 rways7
Roadways 11 rways11
Roadways 12 rways12
Roadways 13 lvstrip2
Roadways 14 rways14
Rock n Roll RnR
Robada Drive blackmesa
Rockin Mountain rockin
Roundabout round
RoundUp rup
Route 66 r66
RunAway runaway
Runway runway
Rooftop Rumble 3 RRumble3
Rush Hour 3 rhour3
SandMastes sandmasters
San Fierro Pipe pipe
San Fierro Pipe 2 sfp2
Scam Map scam
Schlampenparty schlam
Search&Destroy s&d
SeLo selo
Ses Map ses
SF Capture the CargoShip SFCtCS
Shadow of Chernobyl chernobyl2
Shark Island shisland
Shape Shifter sshifter
Shaolin Funk funk
Showdown showdown
SimplyCity simplycty
Simplicity simpl
Simplicity 2 simpl2
Sky High Golfing SHG
Skyline Sumo sline
Skyline Sumo 2 sline2
Skyscraper Derby ssderby
Sky Ride skyride
Sky Ride 2 skyride2
Sky Ride 3 skyride3
Skyways skyways
Skyways2 skyways2
Space Invaders sinv
Sparrow Temple stemple
Speedrun srun
Speedway sway
Speedway 2 sway2
Speedway 3 sway3
Square I Square You 2 square2
Stadium Roof 2 sroof2
StarBier StarBiier
Stunt City stuntcity
St Petersburg stp
Sumo Challenge SChal
Sumocast sumocast2
Sumocoaster sumocoaster
Sumo Community community
Sumo Crushing crushing
Sumo Loops sumoloops
Sumo Nation sumonation2
Sumo Oasis Oasis
Sumo Oasis 2 oasis3
Sumo Original 50 orig50
Sumo Parking sumoparking
Sumo Race srace
Sumo Rings srings
Sumo Stadion stadion
Sumo Wet Party swp
SumoVille sville
Sumocasting GL/HF sumocast
Superbowl superbowl
Swamp swamp
Trucks & Trailers t&t
Takeoff takeoff
Terra Incognita terra
The Cowboy Fast cowboy
The Collapse tcol
The Dumb Dam dam
The Fidget 2 fidgit2
The Flood flood
The Grid grid_orig
The Grid 2 grid2
The Hunted thehunted
TheMap 1 themap1
TheMap 3: SpiderMap themap3
TheMap 4: Blue Whale themap4
The Police police
The Visage visage
Three-way intersection 3way
Trackmania trackmania
Town Chaos 1 TT1
Town Chaos 3 TT3
Town Chaos 4 TT4
Township tship
Toxic Factory tfactory
Toxic Puddle tpuddle
Trains trains
Trains 2 trains2
trento trento
Triple Stage triple
Triple Stage 2 triple2
Triple The Fun TripleTheFun
Trivial trivial
Turismo Paradise turismo
Tunnel Factory tunfactory
Two Worlds 2worlds
Twister Twister
Twister Pro twister2
Two Way City 2wc
Unfair Sumo 1 gasmania
Uno uno
Ultraviolence uv
Up/Down UD
Up/Down 2 ud2
Up/Down 69 ud69
Up & Down Original UpDown
Urban Champion uchampion
Urban Forest uforest
Urban Forest 2 uforest2
Vanishing Roads VanRoads
Vicious Circle vcycle
Velocity 1 velocity
Velocity 3 velocity3
Venturas Fun lvf2
Vinewood Hill vhill
Village village
Warehouse warehouse
WaterEdge wateredge
WaterFun waterfun
Warp warp
Warp 3 warp3
XMas xmas
Xoom Xoom xx
Washington wash
Watch Your Step watchstep
Water Village wvillage
Wallride wride
Westworld ww
What The Funk wtfunk
Winter Map winter
World of Balloons balloon
World of Fun WoF
World of Rhinos WoR
Xtreme Madness xtreme
Xtreme Madness 2 xtreme2
Total Maps = '412'